Gypsy at The Colosseum, Rome, 2016
Roberto Cavalli
  Untitled, Pescara, 2016
  Lagonda on Grand St., NYC, 2016
T Collection
  Vale at Home, NYC, 2017
  Mini Cooper S, Detail NYC, 2016
  Construction Worker With Hose, NYC, 2017
  Porsche detail, NYC, 2016
Roberto Cavalli
 Vale At Whitney Museum, NYC, 2017
 Aprilla detail, Misano Italy, 2016
  Untitled, Rome, 2016
 Hudson Street Hydrant, NYC, 2016
 Man With Cart, NYC, 2016
 pigeon, NYC, 2017
 Not a racing stripe, NYC, 2017
  Art Direction, Moda Operandi, 2017
  Leave on S-Class, NYC, 2016
  Leave on S-Class, NYC, 2016
  Leave on S-Class, NYC, 2016
 Branch in Park Slope, NYC, 2016
 Apollo Beach Umbrellas, Pescara, 2016
  Bike Rack on Canal, NYC, 2016
  "Fuckdad" with children, NYC, 2017
  Man on bike, NYC, 2017
  Bape hoodie on Spring, NYC, 2017
  Untitled, NYC, 2017
  Yellow Tarp, NYC, 2017
Officina Del Poggio
  Construction gear, NYC, 2016
  Loose saw blade, NYC, 2016
  Road Sign, Cheiti, 2017
  Road bike mirror, Rome, 2016
  Smoke stack on Fashion Ave., NYC, 2017
  Fire Call Box on Hudson St., NYC, 2017
  Valentino Rossi, Misano, 2016
  Big Rig cables, NYC, 2017
T Collection
  Bandana, NYC, 2016
  "Take A Flick Of Us", NYC, 2016
RK Oxford Sneaker
  Three Pointed Star, NYC, 2016
  S-Class headlamp, NYC, 2016
Soleste Ring
  Condensation on gas-cap cover, NYC, 2016
Atlas Collection
  Rusted Hardbody, NYC, 2016
  Standpipe, NYC, 2016
RK40 Bag
  Vale, NYC, 2017   
  Porsche GT3 Intake, NYC, 2016
Garden Collection
  新手机,这是谁。(New Phone Who Dis?), NYC, 2016
  Vale at the Whitney Museum, NYC, 2017
  Fairlady headlamp, NYC, 2016
  GLK-Class headlamp, NYC, 2017
  Cracked indicator, NYC, 2016
 Bow with Rope, Pescara, 2017
  Watercraft, Pescara, 2017
  Honey Dew Melon Colors, NYC, 2016
  Peir lights, NYC, 2017
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